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Get The Bears To Do It t-shirt

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Made with organic cotton and printed with our bear paw graphic and sleeve logos, this shirt will push you to think further and wider every time you pul it on!

Celebrate the spirit of ingenuity with our "Get the Bears to Do It" T-shirt, inspired by the unforgettable story of Pacific Power and Light (PP&L) in the Cascade Mountains. Faced with a challenging and hazardous situation, PP&L's solution showcased a masterclass in creativity and inclusivity. The ‘Get the Bears to Do It’ mantra has been adopted by elite teams, including those from the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, symbolizing the power of thinking outside the box when tackling tough challenges. Embrace this lesson in innovation and team engagement with our T-shirt.
Watch as Dan vividly recounts the tale in the video below, illustrating how involving every team member can lead to unexpectedly effective solutions. Perfect for anyone who loves a story where creativity triumphs over adversity.


XS 30/32"
S 34/36" 
M 38/40" 
L 42/44" 
XL 46/48" 
2XL 50/52" 
3XL 54/56'' 
4XL 58/60''


Fabric 100% Organic cotton.
Marl colours: 60% Organic Cotton, 40% Recycled Polyester.

Weight 145gsm

Getting the bears to do it

Harness the spirit of innovation by embracing the unexpected lessons from our 'Get the Bears to Do It' narrative. Let this story transform your approach to problem-solving and teamwork. 

Challenge based apparel

Our garments are crafted to be more than just attire; they're catalysts for change. Embrace the DARKSWAN ethos every day and let our apparel remind you to chase challenges and champion resilience.



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