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Dan introduces you to our 'Be More Rescue' Radical Immersion. A unique challenge-based learning experience for both organisations and individuals, where you tackle a simulated International Disaster Mission. This approach, adopted by England Rugby, Gareth Southgate, UK Sport, and innovative businesses, revolutionises team dynamics and reshapes mindsets. It offers profound insights into individual and team performance under pressure, delivering an unparalleled learning experience.


24-72 hrs


10 -35 people


None required





In today's rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive landscape, the need for people and organisations to embody agility, adaptability, and resilience cannot be overstated. The velocity of change in technology, market demands, and global dynamics requires a proactive and flexible approach to your business strategy, operational fitness, Human Factors and personal resilience. Organisations, teams, and individuals that remain static risk obsolescence in the face of continuous innovation and ever-shifting horizons.


Be More Rescue empowers organisations, teams, and individuals to excel in the face of a constantly changing business landscape, by providing a uniquely effective learning experience that develops and refines the skills of leadership, team dynamics and personal resilience. The immersive experience will help you not just survive but flourish, setting you apart in a competitive marketplace. It will prepare you to better foresee, face, and adapt to current and emerging challenges as humans and operating as a team.



Be More Rescue is tailored for companies, teams, and individuals focused on developing leadership, collaboration, and individual resilience. It's ideal for organisations, teams, and those individuals who embrace challenge and seek to develop themselves to better operate under pressure. Our unique and innovative approach promises lasting growth and transformation for forward-thinking businesses and individuals committed to meaningful, ongoing, and impactful learning.


Our expert ‘Guides’ bring a diverse array of experiences from fields like search and rescue, education, business, cybersecurity, the UK military, and emergency services. Their unique insights are instrumental in providing a learning experience that's not just engaging but also deeply relevant and applicable to your business challenges, enabling a profound and practical impact.



Be More Rescue can be run exclusively for your team and tailored to your needs, or we have several open events that individuals and small teams can book on throughout the year.


We don't do off the shelf. All our training is tailored to you. Talk to us and we can design and shape the perfect experience to meet your specific needs.



These events, throughout the year, are ideal for individuals and small team (2-10 people) to immerse themselves in a unique learning experience.



View the short video below that was filmed during a Be More Rescue Radical Immersion we delivered for the home nations’ Chef de Missions, leading into the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

FAQ:the programme

What is the Be More Rescue Programme?

The Be More Rescue Programme offers a radical immersion experience designed to master the art of building resilience and thriving under pressure. It is a challenge-based learning opportunity where participants engage in a simulated International Disaster Mission to revolutionize team dynamics, reshape mindsets, and provide profound insights into performance under pressure.

Who is the programme designed for?

The programme is tailored for organisations, teams, and individuals focused on developing leadership, collaboration, and individual resilience. It is ideal for those who embrace challenge and seek meaningful, ongoing, and impactful learning to operate effectively under pressure.

What makes Be More Rescue unique?

Our programme stands out due to its unique approach, incorporating challenge-based learning through a simulated International Disaster Mission. It has been adopted by prominent organisations and individuals, including England Rugby and Gareth Southgate, for its innovative method in revolutionizing team dynamics and enhancing personal resilience.

What can participants expect to learn?

Participants will develop skills in leadership, team dynamics, and personal resilience. They will learn to thrive in rapidly evolving and competitive environments, preparing them to face and adapt to current and emerging challenges both as individuals and as part of a team.

How is the programme delivered?

Be More Rescue is delivered through a mix of hands-on, immersive experiences led by our expert 'Guides' from diverse fields, including search and rescue, education, business, cybersecurity, the UK military, and emergency services. These experiences are tailored to meet the specific needs of your team or organisation.

Can the programme be customised for specific teams or organizations?

Yes, we pride ourselves on not offering off-the-shelf solutions. We work closely with you to design and shape the perfect experience that meets your specific needs, ensuring that the training is as relevant and impactful as possible.

How do individuals or small teams participate?

We offer several open events throughout the year that are ideal for individuals and small teams (2-10 people) to immerse themselves in our unique learning experience. These events provide the same level of engagement and learning as our customised programmes.

What are the credentials of the 'Guides' leading the programme?

Our 'Guides' are experts with diverse experiences in search and rescue, education, business, cybersecurity, the UK military, and emergency services. Their unique insights and experiences provide a learning experience that is not only engaging but deeply relevant and applicable to business challenges.

How can I book the Be More Rescue Programme?

For tailored experiences for your team or organisation, please contact us directly to discuss your needs and how we can design the perfect programme for you. For individuals and small teams interested in our open events, visit our website for event dates and booking information.

Why should we choose Be More Rescue for our development needs?

Be More Rescue offers a transformative learning experience that goes beyond traditional development programmes. Our radical immersion approach, tailored experiences, and the expertise of our 'Guides' ensure lasting growth and transformation, setting you apart in a competitive marketplace.


What kind of accommodation is provided during the programme?

Participants will enjoy basic 'glamping' accommodations with essential amenities provided. This setup allows participants to stay close to the action while experiencing a comfortable and authentic environment that enhances the immersion experience of the programme.

How are food and dietary requirements handled?

We cater for all food and dietary requirements to ensure every participant is well-fed and can maintain high energy levels throughout the programme. When booking, please inform us of any specific dietary needs or preferences, and our catering team will ensure these are met.

Where is the Be More Rescue Programme located?

The programme is based in Chilmark, near Salisbury, at the International Search & Rescue Charity, Serve On's Headquarters. This location provides the perfect backdrop for our immersive training experience, offering both the tranquility and the facilities needed for the programme.

What safety measures are in place during the programme?

Safety is our top priority. The programme is fully insured and overseen by members of the international rescue team, ensuring that all activities are conducted with the highest safety standards in mind. Participants' well-being is continuously monitored throughout the experience to maintain a safe and supportive environment.

What if I have specific questions or needs?

If you're still in doubt or have specific questions or needs, we encourage you to give us a ring. Our team is more than happy to talk through any concerns you may have and provide the information you need to feel comfortable and informed about participating in the Be More Rescue Programme.

Please contact us if you have further questions or would like us to tailor a programme to your specific needs

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