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Life-changing Learning and Adventure

Embark on a journey where adventure meets qualifying as an Optimising Human Performance Leader with our Resilient Retreats. This unique approach combines the thrill of outdoor adventures with training to become an accredited Human Performance Leader. Perfect for those looking to enhance their resilience and leadership skills in some of the most inspiring settings nature has to offer.


7 days


8 -12 people


None required





In a world where the ability to adapt and thrive under pressure is essential for success, Resilient Retreats offers a unique and exhilarating approach to resilience training. Set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes, from the challenging via ferrata in the Italian Dolomites to the serene expanse of ocean kayaking in Scotland, these courses transcend traditional learning environments. It is designed for those seeking to blend adventure with professional development, harnessing the power of nature to reinforce and practice the skills and knowledge acquired.


Our Resilient Retreats not only aims to qualify you as a Human Performance Leader but also immerses you in environments that challenge and inspire. This distinctive approach ensures that the principles of optimising human performance are not just learned but lived, offering unparalleled opportunities to unlock and apply your learning in challenging activities. It’s a course for adventurers at heart, who want to transform their ability to lead and influence within their organisations by mastering resilience in the face of nature’s challenges.



These courses are for both individuals and professionals eager to earn their accreditation as Human Performance Leader, while engaging with the natural world in a meaningful way. Whether you're looking to elevate your own leadership skills or seeking to foster a resilient and adaptive culture within your team or organisation, these retreats offer an adventure that marries personal development with the thrill of exploration. Available to individual and bespoke packages for teams, these unique courses are tailored to meet the needs of those who believe in the power of adventure to inspire growth and change.


Resilient Retreats are a blend of rigorous academic content and immersive adventure experiences, led by our inspirational Guides. These experts bring their wealth of knowledge and real-world resilience into the heart of nature, facilitating dynamic discussions and practical applications amidst breath-taking scenery. This approach not only enriches the learning experience but also embeds the skills you learn through the challenges and triumphs of adventure, making the journey to accreditation as impactful as it is unforgettable.



We can run this event exclusively for your team and tailored to your needs, or we have a number of open events that individuals and small teams can book on.


Resilient Retreats can be tailored for organisations that value dynamic learning environments to foster growth, adaptability, and strategic resilience. Through challenging yet inspiring adventures, your team will learn to translate resilience and leadership theories into practical skills. To create a customised learning journey that meets your organisation's specific objectives and leverages the natural world for unforgettable development experiences, get in touch.



Embark on a unique adventure, where professional development meets the excitement of the outdoors. These courses are specially designed for individuals and small teams eager to earn their Human Performance Leader accreditation in an environment that challenges and inspires. By blending resilience and leadership training with adventure, we offer an unparalleled experience that goes beyond conventional learning. Check out the next available courses at the top of this page.

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FAQ:the programme

What is the primary objective of the Resilient Retreats?

Our Resilient Retreats aim to qualify you as an Optimising Human Performance Leader while immersing you in thrilling natural environments. You will master resilience and leadership skills by blending adventure with professional development.

Who is this course designed for?

The course is ideal for individuals and professionals who are adventurous and want to transform their leadership abilities. Whether you want to elevate your own skills or instil a resilient culture within your team, this course provides the perfect blend of personal development and adventure.

What kind of activities are involved in the course?

You will engage in exhilarating activities, such as via ferrata in the Italian Dolomites and ocean kayaking in Scotland. These activities are paired with rigorous academic content to provide an immersive and transformative learning experience.

Who will lead the courses?

Our courses are led by experienced and inspirational guides who bring their knowledge of resilience and leadership directly into nature. The OHP qualification content will be led by a DARKSWAN Guide. For adventurous activities, if we don't have a suitably qualified guide in the DARKSWAN team, we will source a fully qualified leader.

What should I expect to gain from this course?

You will gain accreditation as an Optimising Human Performance Leader, learn to adapt, and thrive under pressure, and enhance your leadership skills in challenging environments. The course ensures that the principles of optimising human performance are not just learned but lived.

Are there different types of courses available?

Yes. We offer two options:

  • You can join one of our advertised Resilient Retreats.
  • If you are interested in a tailored programme for your team or organisation, you can book a call or get in touch with us to discuss a bespoke course.
How intense is the course, and will there be time to relax?

The course is intensive as it blends both activity and learning, but you'll also have downtime to call friends and family. The course is run in a friendly and relaxed manner, with lots of fun and conversations about resilience and associated topics.


How is the travel and logistics arranged?

We arrange all travel, logistics, technical equipment, and insurance. However, we recommend that you take out appropriate insurance in case of an accident or a delay in returning from the destination.

Do you cater for different abilities?

Yes, we cater for all abilities. If you have concerns about accessibility and suitability for our Resilient Retreats, please speak to us.

How can I book a course or get in touch with you for more information?

Visit our website to explore our advertised Resilient Retreats or contact us directly to discuss tailored packages. We're here to answer any questions and help you embark on this life-changing learning adventure.

Please contact us if you have further questions or would like us to tailor a programme to your specific needs

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