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Dan dives into our team coaching approach and explains how members of our team can help you light a path through the challenge you face. He reveals how our method harnesses diverse perspectives and strategic insights and is custom fitted to address your unique situation.


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1 -10 people


Operational to Strategic


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Novel. Uncertainty. Threat. Sense of Control.


Challenges you or your team face often fall under one of four categories: novel, uncertainty, threatening and losing a sense of control – referred to as ‘N.U.T.S. factors’. These often reflect complex challenges where conventional problem-solving methods fall short. In today’s rapidly shifting landscape, businesses and individuals may encounter unprecedented scenarios that defy expectations and resist easy fixes. Our team coaching approach provides a path to overcome uncertainty, regain control, and lead decisively in a constantly evolving landscape.


DARKSWAN's team coaching approach is designed to harness the collective intelligence of your leadership team, board, or any group/individual facing a significant challenge. By bringing together a bespoke team of our Guides—each a specialist in their field—we offer a multitude of perspectives and a richness of questioning that is unmatched. Our aim is to deeply understand the nuances of your situation. This is not about prescribing; it's about exploring together and unlocking potential through collaborative insight.



Our coaching approach is ideal for mid-senior leadership and management teams, company boards, and anyone in need of fresh perspectives to navigate through their challenge. DARKSWAN tailors every aspect of its team situational coaching to your specific needs, ensuring relevance and impact. Whether it's a single session to realign your team's compass or a long-term partnership to navigate through a period of transformation, we're here to adapt and support your journey.


With backgrounds ranging from strategic consulting, organizational psychology, to global leadership development, our Guides bring a tapestry of experiences and wisdom. Their external viewpoints and probing questions will challenge your team's assumptions, broaden your horizons, and lead to solutions that are as innovative as they are effective.



Our team coaching is available on-demand or on a retainer basis for ongoing projects. We believe in a hands-on, bespoke approach, understanding that no two challenges are the same.


Forget cookie-cutter solutions. We engage deeply with your team's unique context and challenges to co-create a coaching journey that is exclusively yours. Let's have a conversation about what you're facing, and together, we'll craft the pathway forward.



What is Situational Team Coaching?

Situational Team Coaching is DARKSWAN's tailored approach to help teams navigate and triumph over complex challenges. It involves leveraging diverse perspectives and strategic insights to offer bespoke solutions for your organization's unique needs.

Who can benefit from Situational Team Coaching?

This service is ideal for senior leadership teams, company boards, and any group seeking innovative solutions to significant challenges. It's designed for those who aspire to lead decisively in uncertain times.

How does Situational Team Coaching differ from traditional coaching?

Unlike traditional coaching, which often focuses on individual development or predefined frameworks, our Situational Team Coaching is highly customised, addressing the specific context and challenges your team faces with a multidisciplinary approach.

What kinds of challenges can this coaching address?

We tackle a range of challenges, from navigating shifting competitive landscapes and managing pivotal leadership changes, to driving organizational transformation and fostering innovation.

How do you tailor your coaching to our specific needs?

Our process begins with a deep dive into understanding your unique situation. We then curate a team of Guides, each bringing diverse expertise and perspectives, to develop and implement a strategic plan tailored just for you.

Who are the Guides?

Our Guides are experts with backgrounds in various fields such as search and rescue, the military, consulting, leadership development, and even the circus! They are chosen for their ability to offer relevant insights and facilitate strategic thinking.

What is the duration of a typical Situational Team Coaching engagement?

The duration varies based on your needs and the complexity of the challenge. Engagements can range from a focused workshop to a longer-term partnership over several months.

Can Situational Team Coaching be conducted remotely?

Yes, we offer flexible delivery methods, including remote sessions, to meet your team wherever you are, ensuring continuity and effectiveness regardless of geographical constraints.

What outcomes can we expect from Situational Team Coaching?

Expect to gain clearer strategic direction, enhanced team cohesion, innovative solutions to complex challenges, and a strengthened ability to navigate uncertainty.

How can we measure the impact of Situational Team Coaching?

We work with you to establish clear objectives and metrics at the outset. The impact is measured against these predefined goals, ensuring tangible outcomes.

Is there a follow-up or support after the initial coaching phase?

Yes, we offer follow-up sessions and support to ensure the sustainable implementation of strategies and to address any emerging challenges.

How do we get started with Situational Team Coaching?

Contact us to schedule an initial consultation. This will allow us to understand your challenges and discuss how our Situational Team Coaching can be tailored to help your team thrive.

Ready for a fresh perspective?

Contact us to discuss your situation and discover how DARKSWAN can bring a new dimension of clarity, strategy, and synergy to your team's challenges. Let's transform challenge into opportunity – together.

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