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Mental Health Policy


DARKSWAN is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that recognises the importance of mental health and well-being for all its stakeholders, including employees, clients, and partners. We believe in being proactive role models in mental health care, demonstrating leadership and commitment at all levels of our organisation. Our mental health policy is designed to support individuals in managing their mental health, provide resources for assistance, and cultivate a positive work environment that promotes psychological well-being.


  • To promote mental health awareness within the organization.
  • To identify and reduce workplace factors that may contribute to poor mental health.
  • To support employees, clients, and partners in managing mental health challenges.
  • To implement and maintain support systems for all members of our community, ensuring accessibility and effectiveness.
  • To create a culture where mental health issues can be discussed openly and without stigma.


This policy applies to all employees, clients, and stakeholders involved in any capacity with DARKSWAN, whether participating in B2B events or individual engagements. It extends to all our workplaces and sponsored events.


  • Senior Management will ensure that mental health policies are given priority and integrated into the organizational culture. They will provide the necessary resources to implement and maintain these policies effectively.
  • HR Department will oversee the development of training programs, the deployment of mental health first aid officers, and ensure that support mechanisms are accessible to everyone.
  • Mental Health First Aid Officers are trained to identify, understand, and help persons who may be developing a mental health issue. They will provide initial support and guide individuals to appropriate services.
  • Mental Health Champions will advocate for mental health within the company, promote mental well-being, and help destigmatise mental health issues in the workplace.


DARKSWAN invests in training select members of our team as Mental Health First Aiders. These are available to guide and support anyone experiencing a mental health issue at work. Additionally, Mental Health Champions within the teamwork to continuously promote mental wellness through staff training and open discussions.

Procedures for Addressing Mental Health Issues

  • Identification: Employees are encouraged to speak openly about mental health with their managers or a Mental Health First Aid Officer.
  • Support: Anyone identifying a mental health concern can access confidential support through in-house officers or external mental health professionals.
  • Adjustments and Accommodations: We are committed to making reasonable adjustments to accommodate the needs of individuals suffering from mental health issues, ensuring they can continue to perform their roles effectively.
  • Continuous Support: Follow-up support will be provided to ensure individuals receive the necessary help over the long term.


Regular training sessions on mental health awareness and first aid will be provided to all employees to foster an understanding environment. Training will focus on recognising signs of mental distress, providing initial help, and guiding affected individuals to professional help.


This policy and all related materials will be made available to all employees. Regular communication on updates, resources, and available support will be provided through internal newsletters, team meetings, and company communication.


The effectiveness of our mental health policy and practices will be regularly reviewed and evaluated. Feedback from employees and stakeholders will be actively sought and used to make continual improvements.


All discussions related to mental health issues will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. Information will only be disclosed with the consent of the individual, except in circumstances where there is a concern for the individual’s safety or the safety of others.


At DARKSWAN, we are dedicated to ensuring that every person connected with our business feels valued, supported, and understood, not only in their professional roles but also in their personal mental health challenges. Our aim is to nurture an environment where mental wellness is prioritised, creating a stronger, healthier community.

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