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DARKSWAN's unique approach is delivered through the three lenses of Purpose, People, and Performance. It's designed to foster and develop an open mindset that inspires, empowers, and brokers hope, and to help you better apply your learning into your life. Below, Dan delves deeper into our three lenses.


DARKSWAN was conceived just half a year before the global upheaval caused by the COVID pandemic, presenting the ultimate challenge for a company whose heartbeat was live, face-to-face engagement. Our response? To double down on our philosophy of facing adversity head-on! In an incredibly short timeframe, we gathered a cadre of world-class Guides who not only believed in our philosophy but were also passionate about our mission to redefine learning in a way that sits outside conventional wisdom. These experts, from various disciplines, brought an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight to our immersive experiences, each one committed to fostering resilience and growth. By living out the very principles we teach, we have transformed potential barriers into opportunities for innovation and have continued to move forward without looking back.


Our values guide and shape every interaction and learning experience we provide. First, we prioritise your learning journey and development needs above all else, ensuring that our programmes are tailored to foster your growth. We aim to empower you in such a way that our team becomes a subtle yet impactful presence on your journey, allowing you to take ownership of your development. We pride ourselves on engaging in powerful conversations driven by “skilful curiosity”, a method designed to uncover and enhance your confidence, personal development, and resilience. Through these conversations, we explore your potential and unlock new levels of performance and understanding, assisting you towards achieving your highest aspirations.


DARKSWAN has quickly become a partner of choice for a remarkable array of clients, including Gareth Southgate, England Rugby, Laing O'Rourke, Commonwealth Games leaders, Sale Sharks Rugby, the Berkeley Group, UK Sport, NHS Wales, and the Ministry of Defence. Having made our mark with these prestigious organisations and individuals, we're now excited to offer the same elite-level, growth-driven experiences to individuals and small teams seeking the same transformative learning that our notable clients have experienced.

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DARKSWAN is focused on expanding our Radical Immersion experiences, leveraging the success of Be More Rescue and Be More Circus. We aim to elevate Rescue Racing into a prominent international competition and are dedicated to broadening the reach of our unique and accredited Optimising Human Performance courses - in collaboration with DNA Definitive - to build resilience on a global scale. Additionally, our Team Coaching service is a cornerstone, offering customised expert guidance for overcoming personal and organisational challenges.

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