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Fully Customised

Embrace the power of collective effort with Challenge 24-48, our specially crafted team-development programme. Within the serene backdrop of Chilmark, we offer an array of meticulously planned activities that span one 24-48 hours, meticulously moulded to fit your organisation’s specific needs and budget.

Embrace the power of collective effort

Maximizing Team Dynamics

By incorporating selected components from our signature programmes—Challenge Boxes, Rescue Racing, and flagship Radical Immersions—we put your team's leadership, problem-solving, cooperation, and endurance to the test. Guided by our knowledgeable DARKSWAN Guides, each activity is an opportunity for your team to confront challenges and achieve a deeper comprehension of your group's dynamics and performance.

Cultivating Competence and Grit

Challenge 24-48 is an intensive strategy to dissect and dissolve any obstacles to your team’s performance, enhancing strengths and spotlighting areas ripe for development. Central to this experience is fostering robust resilience—a skill vital for not just surmounting present challenges but also for future-proofing your team's performance and well-being.

Better Conversations

We believe in the power of fun to not just entertain but also to open new channels of communication. Our activities are designed to prompt lively discussions and spontaneous interactions among team members. As the sun sets, we gather, sat around the fire, immersed in the simple pleasures of open flames and the shared joy of the day's journey. Here, in the glow of the firelight and the comfort of our tents, connections are deepened, and a spirit of unity is kindled as we enjoy hearty food and the company of colleagues.

Initiate Your Challenge 24-48 Voyage

Ready to change and fortify the bonds within your team? Reach out to us to begin curating your exclusive Challenge 24-48 experience. Whether you’re seeking to elevate team performance, communication, or simply inject a new spirit of camaraderie, we are here to guide you.



Contact us or book a call and let’s set the stage for a transformative team adventure.


We don't do off the shelf. All our training is tailored to you. Talk to us and we can design and shape the perfect experience to meet your specific needs.



What type of accommodation is provided during the Challenge 24-48?

Accommodation is provided under canvas, offering a ‘glamping’ experience. Guests should bring a quality sleeping bag, pillow, and extra blankets for comfort. We provide cots and mattresses for your comfort.

What should I wear for the Challenge 24-48 activities?

Please wear outdoor or hiking attire with supportive footwear—no trainers. The activities may involve various terrains and weather conditions.

Is a head torch required for the programme?

Yes, each participant should bring a head torch. It is essential for navigating the campsite during the evening and participating in any night-time activities.

What are the washroom facilities like at Challenge 24-48?

The facilities are basic but functional. Please bring your wash kit and towel to maintain personal hygiene during your stay.

How does Challenge 24-48 cater to different dietary requirements?

We cater to all dietary needs. Please provide details of any dietary restrictions on your sign-up form so we can accommodate you.

Where is Challenge 24-48 located?

The programme is based near Salisbury in Wiltshire. Detailed travel directions and location information will be provided during the on-boarding process.

What is the accessibility like at the Challenge 24-48 site?

Our site and activities are designed to be accessible to all. We strive to ensure everyone can participate fully in the programme.

How should I prepare for overnight stays during the programme?

Along with a sleeping bag and pillow, we recommend bringing any personal comfort items that will make your stay under canvas more enjoyable. Extra layers are advised for cooler evenings.

Can I wear trainers to the Challenge 24-48?

Trainers are not recommended for the activities due to terrain. Sturdy, supportive footwear is required to ensure safety and comfort throughout the programme.

What if I have a specific question not covered in the FAQs?

For any specific inquiries, please contact us directly at, and we will be happy to assist you.

Are the activities at Challenge 24-48 suitable for people with limited outdoor experience?

Yes, our activities are designed to be inclusive and can be enjoyed by individuals with varying levels of outdoor experience. Our DARKSWAN Guides will ensure everyone can participate safely and fully.

What should I do if I have specific medical or accessibility needs?

Please inform us of any medical or accessibility requirements in advance through your sign-up form or by contacting us at, so we can make necessary arrangements to support your participation.

Can I bring casual clothes and trainers for the evening and relaxation time in my tent?

Yes, you are welcome to bring more comfortable clothes and trainers for the evening. After the day's activities, you'll have time to relax and unwind in your tent, and we encourage you to bring whatever makes you comfortable.

Will there be time to phone friends and family in the evening?

Certainly. There will be free time in the evening where you can catch up with friends and family over the phone. We understand the importance of staying connected, even while enjoying the retreat.

Please contact us if you have further questions or would like us to tailor a programme to your specific needs

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