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Connecting through conversations

Dark Swan’s invite only Fire & Feast brings together people of a kindred spirit for challenge, adventure and just being great humans, where everyone can relax, disconnect from their busy lives to have a few drinks, share some amazing food and get involved in some great conversations around a glowing fire. No preaching. No pitching. No poaching - they're the rules


24-36 hrs




None required



Purpose. People. Performance.


Bringing together like-minded people usually means something special happens. You’ll get to meet some truly inspirational people from a variety of interesting backgrounds, and you’ll be part of a growing community that is based on connecting, friendship and belonging.


After breakfast on Sunday, grab a brew and gather around the embers of the previous night’s fire to listen to one of our inspirational guests talk all things purpose, people or performance. The talk has one simple aim - for everyone to walk away better for it. All the talks so far have made a lasting impact on everyone who was there.


Have a few drinks at the ‘Optimistic Nun’ bar. Dedicated to the science, research, and discoveries of Professor Andy McCann to help you unleash evidence-based and life-extending power of optimism and having an open mindset.

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11-13 October '24

It’s really easy to sign up for the Fire & Feast. Use the link below, share a few details and you’re in! Don’t worry, we’ll never share your information with anyone else - that’s a DARKSWAN promise




In September 2022, the Fire & Feast crowd built a multi-prupose building out of palettes and recycled materials, in just two days


What should I wear to the event?
  • Outdoor/DIY Clothing: Opt for clothing that you won't mind getting dirty. Our activities often include building and outdoor fun, so dress accordingly.
  • Layering Approach: The weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend a layering approach to manage your comfort throughout the day.
  • Waterproof Jacket: Essential for staying dry. The event goes on, rain or shine!
  • Gloves: Handy for building activities to protect your hands.
  • Footwear: Walking or work boots are recommended due to uneven ground.
What about accommodation options?
  • Tents/Camper Vans: Feel free to bring your own, as there's plenty of space to set up.
  • Local Accommodation: We can recommend places nearby for those seeking more comfort.  Just ask on the Fire & Feast WhatsApp channel or DM one of the team.
  • Main Hall Stay: A limited number of mattresses are available in the main hall. Please indicate your interest on the sign-up form.
What should I bring with me?
  • Evening Wear: Bring clothes suitable for sitting around a fire, including a warm layer for the evenings.
  • Blanket/Sheepskin Rug: Great for extra comfort while sitting on logs.
  • Head Torch: A must-have for navigating the dark surroundings safely.
  • Personal Items: Though we provide food and an event t-shirt, feel free to bring any personal items, including a special drink to share at The Optimistic Nun bar.
What are the event's cardinal rules?

No Poaching. No Preaching. No Pinching. This rule ensures a relaxed atmosphere, focusing on genuine connections rather than networking or solicitation.

How can I contribute to the DARKSWAN community?

If you know someone who would be a great fit for our community, please feel free to extend them an invite. This event is by invite only, aimed at growing our community with good people.

What is 'The Optimistic Nun' bar?

It's our on-site bar for the evening. More details will be shared at the event. If you have a special drink with a story, you're encouraged to bring it along to share.

When can I arrive

You can turn up on Friday evening or Saturday morning. Please specify your arrival time on the sign-up form for planning purposes.

Where is the event located?

Serve On Headquarters, The Old Mess, Chilmark Business Estate, Chilmark, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 5DU.

The what3words address is ///motels.profiled.overnight.

Please contact us if you have further questions or would like us to tailor a programme to your specific needs

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